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Re: [RC] Trucks - Magnumsmom

Wendy wrote:
Hi, I could use some advice too.   My 2000 Ford truck had the =

transmission replaced at 23,000 km and the transfer case and front =

differential replaced at 49,000 km.  It is now making a grinding noise =

in 4-wheel drive.  Think I got a lemon.  Anybody have any advice about =

the new GMC 1500 Heavy Duty V8 6.0 litre?  I pull an aluminum Sundowner =

2-horse straight load with 4-foot dressing room and rarely haul more =

than one 940 pound Arab.


Instead of trying to haul with a 1/2 ton pickup, try
hauling with a truck big enough to do the job.  Just
because you are "within weight" does not mean that
the truck is made to haul horses... active live weight... 
especially over hill and dale like endurance riders do.  
I'd suggest a minimum 3/4 ton and something bigger
than a V8 unless you want to keep replacing them 
every other year.

Per Dodges... I love mine.  I wanted the '95... then the
'96... then the '97.  I had to wait 5 years to buy my
truck new, but I'm glad I did as there were kinks to 
work out.  My 2000 has a "variable turbo boost" which
means the turbo boost curve is flat... doesn't lag, peak
or spike like the older turbos.  It's an amazing engine,
that Cummins.  I'm planning on putting 1,000,000 miles
on mine.  :)  So far, I'm only at 88,000.  There is one
Dodge Cummins on the Cummins list that has 1.2 Million
miles on his... he uses it for long haul cross country.
Original engine.  Has replaced the clutch, brakes, and
oil.  That was last spring.  Wonder how many miles it 
has now?

Per Chevy vs Ford vs Dodge... look up online the recall
and manufacturer notice lists.  I posted them last April
or May here on Ridecamp.  Compare the problems.  Last
spring Chevy had hundreds listed, Ford a few less.  Dodge
had about 120 total.  It was a real eye opener.   Toyota
makes a great little 2.2liter diesel engine... but they are
not available in the grand 'ole USA.  Wonder who is blocking
that one...?

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM
2000 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel 4x4 3/4 ton quad cab
SLT... with a compass in the stock.

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