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Re: [RC] RC: gaited horses - Lynn Kinsky

Title: Re: [RC] RC: gaited horses
    We have a CD ROM "Horse Movement and Gaits".   This is a great tool to identify gaits and exactly what the legs are doing and when.   You can also hear the gait and slow it down to get a better look.   Reading on the back of the case it says...  Learn about:  how movement is generated, elements of a stride, elements of a gait, animation: reaching and folding, Frame: collection and extension,   Natural gaits (walk, trot, canter, gallop, back),  Artificial Gaits (pace, running walk, paso fino, peruvian paso, slow gait, rack)   
    On the bottom it says....   Copyright @ 1998 Deborah K. White   if this would help anyone find one to buy.   I think I got this off of Ebay.

Cool -- but I would question the accuracy of an author who lists all the soft and lateral gaits as "artificial" <g>.  My Peruvian Paaso colt was only about 24 hours old in the top picture (http://www.silcom.com/~lkinsky/RosaFoal/) yet he is doing a paso llano (the basic 4 beat Peruvian gait) to keep up with his mother -- hardly a trained or artifical gait in his case.

[RC] gaited horses, David & Maggie
[RC] RC: gaited horses, Linda