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[RC] senior feeds - Jena Williams

I have a picky old eater (24years young).  He has always been a hard keeper.  Could have been the miles I was putting on him in my college years.  I didn't know about endurance then; if I had you would have seen us out there kicking some butt!  He taught me a lot, and look back in horror of all the stuff I didn't know and how well he did anyway.

Sorry, back to feeds.  After trying every feed regiment I could find, including free feed hay and pellets plus vitamins and corn oil, and multiple senior and performance feeds I found Manna Senior to be his favorite.  Actually I think there are 2 different formulas of the Manna Senior:  The feed store version (kibbles), and the "Family Farm" line that I buy at Wal-Mart or at Petsmart for about $9.50/40# bag.  It is a beet pulp based feed that is homogenous (no little different flavored kibbles for him to pick through for his favorites and waste the rest).  It is pretty soft and moist, so it is great for meds.  Everything on my farm loves the stuff.  Dogs, chickens, goats and horses.  (I emailed Manna, they say it is safe and healthy even for pregnant goats)

The old boy keeps his weight on, and it has made our hard to keep thoroughbred fat and sleek.  I swear by the stuff, and you would be hard pressed to get me to change to anything else.


Poway, Ca

BTW - Anyone want to buy a 5year old thoroughbred mare cheap??  I have too many critters to feed!

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