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Re: [RC] speaking of twh/mft - Truman Prevatt

As one who had competed a TWH let me address this.

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I'd probably say heat was more a factor in this area, as far as the TWH
types that are a little heavier muscled. If I was a big gaited horse fan
though I'd just look for an appropriate one. I doubt there have been
enough people who started a horse from scratch and brought them along
with a base to state catagorically that "their tendons can't make it". My
guess is that a person who know what they were doing would be fine with a
horse that hadn't been screwed up with weighted shoes in the past.
Barbara Daily, years agon in the SE switched to a Paso when her knees got
bad. You could look up her record. Seems like his name was Paco or
something but he flew. I remember her winning a 50.

Heat is a factor but you can condition for it and pick your rides and always remember Angie's rule - sponge - sponge - sponge till you are sick of sponging. I won a ride on my walking horse in FL heat no less. I also got BC on her in FL heat no less.

As for me, I *like* to ride a trot. I am more comfortable riding long distances at a trot than at any other gait. I hate sitting all the time; it makes my butt sore. A good posting trot is like a perpetual motion that is effortless. A canter wears on me more and I'll be leg sore after 50 miles on a real cantering horse. My number one reason for riding Arabs is that the ones I've ridden enjoy endurance as much as I do. My other breeds weren't having fun after 25 miles. If a non-Arab breed enjoys endurance I think it's worth the extra work to condition them, but I hate to see someone who's determined to be "different" riding a horse that's not having fun just so they can make a point.

My walker trotted and it was pretty easy to ride. It does take about a year more of LSD to condition one. But that may actually be an advantage since by the time you are ready the whole package is ready. Some Arabs can go much faster sooner than their legs are ready to carry them.

All said and done the best gait my walker has is her canter. You will most likely find you are going faster than the "gait" can efficently take you. So your horse will probably trot (or pace). Jon Warren told me one time that the gaited horses that do best in the sport are those that develop an trot and Jon has seen enough rides he should know. But when my mare got into her easy lope she just rolled on and it was as smooth as silk.

Good luck with your gaited horse. Take your time and if she is not enjoying herself then she is not cut out for it. Some are, some aren't. I remember my first 100 on the mare. I didn't know if she could do it. I made all the first 100 mistakes, didn't carry a spare flash light, lost my only flashlight, got motion sickness riding a black horse in a pitch black night, etc. But when we rolled out of the 90 mile check and turn into the woods and the light bulb goes off and she knew she is almost home and picks up a gallop and gallops all the way in heat up and ears forward (independent of what I had to say about it), I knew she might just be enjoying it ;-).



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Re: [RC] speaking of twh/mft, rides2far