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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.0955 feeding an older horse - Spirittxarabians

I have a 28 yr old 1/2 Quarter Horse 1/2 Standardbred/Morgan cross that I have 
owned since his birth. He started losing weight when he was about 17 yrs old. I 
tried all types of sweet feed and different types of hay with no improvement. 
When I finally tried him on Purina Equine Senior and free choice hay he gained 
all of his weight back and his old feisty attitude. I rode him in a 25 mile 
limited distance ride at age 20 (his first LD ride) and he completed the ride 
in  4 hrs 30 minutes with all As. He is still on the Purina Equine Senior feed 
(3 lbs twice a day) and free choice hay or pasture and he still gives walk/trot 
riding lessons to beginning riders and enjoys going on an occasional trail 
ride. His weight looks great and he still gallops out of the barn in the 
morning. Equine Senior is a complete feed (you are not supposed to need to feed 
hay) and it is easy to digest and easily turns to mush when wet. The only other 
older horse that we have is 20 and he refuses to eat anything pelleted, but so 
far we have not had any problems with weight changes on his regular sweet feed.

Selena Copeland
Spirit of Texas Arabians