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[RC] New Stuff and techie toys - Roger Rittenhouse

OK what did you get in your bucket of coal last week?

I got a sort of different thingy.. a Digital Voice Recorder.

What's it good for? Well how about when you go on a conditioning ride
and don't want to take notes about the ride.. like HR, weather, the trail where
you were, when the HR went up/down etc.. and now with the all the new
GPS units out there - look at all the data points to remember and
record... so put this cool tool around your neck on a lace and off
you go ..
Describe all those points about the session .. things you forget to
write down in the book/journal. I did this for many years ago but for the
past few years I have not done as a I teach.. i.e. do as I say not as
So the new techno thingy lets me record all this nice to retain
information about the ride.
I upload this to my computer in MP3 format and build a real time
voice log.

Later ( when I get a faster computer) I can run the audio file into
the 'voice to type' program and have a written log.

So what do I record.. how do I condition. Well you can listen. I
uploaded the files for the Dec 27 conditioning session with Omni to
my web site. Steph may up my storage rates for data  but it worked.
You have to DL the file ( no audio stream yet) The files are 2 meg
- there are 6 files for the whole session. I made 3 files at 3meg
with more compression. I have not figured out what the best
parameters are yet.
I will up load a few  more as time goes on. I am looking for an audio
MP3 host site where I upload the files for a small annual fee sort of
like those assorted photo sites.
I use community webshots.com, but found a better one at
imageevents.com You can upload video. I plan on posting some hoof
motion video up there later. I tried to upload the MP3 but it was

Anyway if you have a fast IT connection or a dialup that is fast, and
you want to hear a 'conditioning session with Roger and Omni'
go to my web site, then VIEWS-ISSUES  Under nr 5  -  click on USING A

I will try to make smaller files and less chatter and provide only
the facts on the next session.
It was a fun thing to do while working. You can hear the foot falls
for soundness checks.

Lets see - I need the temp gauge in the summer and the helmet cam ..
could this be the next best 'reality' show or not?  NOT!!!

I also posted another report on the TIMEX+GPS setup for the horse. I
have it working quite well now. Just took more time to work out the
issues. See Report 5 under V-MAX HRGPS link.

Added another shoeing report and pictures at the photo site

Roger Rittenhouse
888 216 6602   new broadband VoIP phone line under test  mode/
pictures  http://community.webshots.com/user/psdendurance   


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