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[RC] re: [RC] Nutrena & Purina? - Trail Pal

Nuts!  I bought some powdered rice bran to balance the calcium in the
beetpulp I feed.  The guys told me it wasn't stabilized, but I thought
being cold now, it wouldn't be an issue.  I see from this (and from
some quick online research) that "a particular enzyme causes rancidity
within hours of the rice milling process".  So I have about 40 lbs
left.  Will it at least balance the beetpulp?  Or am I doing more
damage by feeding it?  My old guy gets 2 lbs BP daily, the youngsters
get about 1 lb.  Two of the youngsters are pregnant, while the third is
a coming 3 year old.  Can they utilize the "extra" calcium?

Inquiring minds and all that...

Susan Garlinghouse, DVM said:
"Not to be the voice of doom, Karen---however, keep in mind that rice
bran that retails for $5.70 a bag is almost certianly not going to be a
stabilized product, and thus the fat content was rancid before it ever
left the processing mill.  Meaning the original source, not your local
feed producer, and no aspersions on Bar Ale, they have nothing to do
with it.

So, that being the case, IMO, unstabilized rice bran is a very low
quality feed for horses.  Yes, the calories are still there, but the
rancidity of the fat content outweighs the benefits of the fat

Rosalie Marley
Ride the Tiger!

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