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Re: [RC] boobs - Jackie Winkleman

Thanks for the suggestion, and I have tried that.  I really do like my Sears bra though.  It seems to work the best for me. Wearing two bras just made me clostriphobic (sp?) - for long rides.  For the shows it is OK (cause I can hurry up and get back to the barn to change)!!!

csimmons88 <csimmons88@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bouncing boobs are not acceptable in the show arena and their solution for those endowed is to where two bras.  It would seem to not do anything....but it makes all the difference in the world over 50 miles.   (elastic, stretch & generic/none support sport bras need not me considered).  But two of any well structured support bra works very well).
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Subject: [RC] boobs

I just wanted to say for those with or with out boobs, that's what God gave us!  (Of course, you can always pay to have them adjusted, but not everyone can do that).  I, myself, wish I had smaller ones.  But, we can make jokes amongst our riding group about it.  I've always wished (for my sake) that they were smaller, but never for my horse's sake.  I'm a good rider and have never had a riding instructor say "Your boobs are bouncing too much - You are wearing your horse out!"  I love riding.  I don't know how it would be to ride and have small boobies.  I just know I love riding.  Anyways....
The best bra I have found is a Sears brand.  It looks kind of like a cross between a regular bra and a sports bra.  It is thick stretchy cotton with underwire so you have sections or cups (no uni-boob)!  It actually comes in sizes to fit different individuals, not S, M, L etc...  It has the hooks in the back.  It seems to work really well, and I think I only paid around 14 or 15 dollars for it.

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Re: [RC] boobs, csimmons88