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[RC] head shaking - Cynthia Wunder

You are right, I do need to work slower with her, more consistently, and more frequently. I was told she had some dressage training and been started on cutting. The sad thing is I trusted these people because I had worked with them previously. She has no such training and spooks if a cow lifts its head to look at her.
So I didn't take the time to work with her on the ground and "test" her limits before I took her out on the trail. Now I am having to back up and start over.
I sure hope she doesn't have "shaking head syndrome". It sounds awful. I had not heard of this before but I don't think this is what she is doing. Her head shaking appeared to be a reaction to my putting pressure on the halter, although the description listed on those web pages you sent me sure do describe how she reacted, even to the pawing, which I didn't bring up because it -almost- looked as if she were thinking of striking at me. As she remained compliant I am sure that she was not.
I really do appreciate you all taking the time to answer my questions. cyndi