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[RC] What makes you do this? - rides2far

And like I said, how fit are the 
riders anyway?  Some couldn't run 100 yards, some couldn't even trot 
their horses at the vet, someone else did it for them.  

How many marathon runners can ride a horse 50 miles? I once sold a horse
to a recently released Marine who ran 10 miles a day and did martial
arts. I had just had a baby about 3 weeks before the sale. The marine
asked me to take him on a trail ride. I asked him how long he'd enjoy
riding because I didn't want him to get too sore. He smiled kindly and
said, "I don't mean to brag, but I run 10 miles a day and do daily Tai
Chi (or whatever it was) and I don't get sore. So...we took a fairly mile
ride for about 4 hrs. He was so sore he couldn't stand it after three! I
know some very hefty, but ride fit, women who wouldn't have even been
warmed up! He was a good sport about it. He did ride side saddle some but
refused to get off and jog like I suggested. I was fine though I really
hadn't ridden in 9 mo. of pregnancy...but the boobs were definately
getting into *your* unacceptably large zone by the time I got back to my
infant. >g<

I wonder if you'd have had the same opinion of the horses if you'd been
on the trail with them. The best endurance horses tend to look exhausted
in the vet check because they're smart and they "rest hard". When I was a
rookie I admired the ones that were all "up" and pulling around in the
check but I've learned those are the ones who are gonna get tired. My
horse's head is down & eating or dozing in a check but I wish you luck if
you're in charge of holding him when the crowd he was traveling with

I talked to a barrel race lady on the phone today. I told her I used to
do that and would have kept on if my horses had been having as much fun
as I was. It didn't seem like a difficult or upsetting thing to do but
the horse's obviously didn't enjoy it. I can honestly say my horses *do*
enjoy endurance. He has run away with me at 85 miles. He has been hopping
up and down in the front when he had to wait another minute to leave at
90 miles. It's not for all horses...but it's definately for some and
heaven help them if they'd been born to someone who wanted to blanket
them and wrap them in bubble wrap in a stall somewhere.


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