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adhesive?foam ?Re: [RC] [RC] spiders? - Laurie Durgin

Speaking of this; Does anyone know what kind of adhesive will work on the foam of a helmet(troxel) to glue a netting or screening over the vents? I use helmet covers for screening purposes(well color coordinating is fun too, :}. I am allergic to bees and wasps (yes, I take shots and have an epipen always), but don't like to imagine one getting in my helmet vents, so I use helmet covers, but a mesh could be cooler in summer if I can find what will stick to foam and fabric/ or fiberglass screening. (JB weld doesn't stick to foam, tried it on my faucet covers' gasket that separated (well, it was late, temp's dropping and I really liked that cover ,it was made better than the cheap ones at HDepo. thanks Laurie and Rascal(I did get ridden to day.

From: "Kathie Ford" <MsPoOh17@xxxxxxx>
To: <Ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   spiders?
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 21:08:18 -0800

Okay since you guys are talking spider webs, I got a short spider story.

Took my husband on a short ride few months back. Told him helmet was mandatory (he doesn't ride a lot).

He got his helmet and before he put it on I suggested he check the "air vents" he laughed my idea off because I was in his view being the nagging wife! lol...anyway, I pushed the matter and said "ho helmet" "no ride".. So he abliged.

Sure enough, in one of the vent holes (lexington schooling helment) was a rather nice sized Black Widow! He thanked me and I was glad because he almost made me one!
(a widow that is!)
See guys, sometimes a nagging wife can be a good thing! hehe
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