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[RC] - Stagg_Newman

Angie wrote:

Hey Stagg...how long do you think that Gold Rush was the year you won it
with Drubin?  What was your win time there compared to your time at

Believe the was the year Drubin and his son Bahrain with Ellen Tully tied
for first at Gold Rush ('95 maybe)
but the "old man" got BC.  Winning time was about 15 hours!  And at elast
one of the loops had to have been
5 miles longer that what ride management claimed.  And deep mud!  You
should have heard Ellen
whine (sorry Ellen).  Next year ride management redid trails and we
finished second in about 12 hours.
Was good ride and wish they would put ride on again!

Similarly Hallelulah last year in the spring was long.  The first half or
so of the yellow and green loops
were the same.  One loop was suppose to be just a couple miles further than
than the other
and yet took twice as long to ride.  And terrain was strait forward.  Ride
management said
they had mesaured (must have been with ATV).  The problem is the odometers
on many vehicles
are wrong, particularly if larger tires have been installed.

BTW when I won the OD on Super in 2001 they had changed about 6 miles of
trail or so
between 70 and 80 miles (made that stretch much nicer as you do less hard
gravel roads)
from what I did when Super won in 1999.  (One reason his time was faster).
I commented to John Crandall that I thought they probably took out about a
mile of trail.
He said yes, the OD was probably only about 102 or 103 now,  that it had
been creeping up
over they years to close to 105!  This year the trail will change again.
Let's hope its close
to 100.

Also  ride managers should never just use milage derived from calculations
on a topo map.
Susan Brannon did that at the ROC in '91.  Was suppose to be 3-day 60,60,60
but each
60 was probably 75.  Had to shorten the trails after 1st day.

Ride managers must calibrate the measuring procedure.  Am skeptical of most
GSP  systems for mountainous twisty trails.  So really agree with you the
accurate measurements are a real virtue.

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