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Re: [RC] Rump Rugs - Truman Prevatt

Sportack makes a nice one. It is darted where in at the back on the sides. It stays in place pretty well, however, I think a horse with a big trot or gallop will dislodge any of them.

It may not be just your horse that needs training. At a ride many moons back it was about 30 degrees we started so I put my rump rug on the mare. This was a homemade job and it did flap a bit. We were hitting a pretty good gallop about 5 miles out and I didn't know it at the time but the rump rug was billowing up and floating back down on the mare with her stride. We were passing a horse and this horse took one look at what he must have thought was a huge bird swooping down to eat my horse and wanted no part of it. He spun 90 degrees and took off into the woods. I stopped and helped the rider get her horse. She was unhurt and we both got a pretty good laugh out of it. But I learned from that experience that it is not just your horse that might need training.


Dyane Smith wrote:

You guys have all had some excellent ideas for what to put next to the horse
and for the fact that there should be some weight to hold them down in a

What also heartened me was that no one but Karen Nelson even alluded to
training issues, so I guess they get used to it pretty quickly (and more
importantly, calmly??)

Since most everyone's rolls up and ties to the saddle, does that mean that
they aren't fitted (darted or whatever) like a lot of blankets are?

What about straps under the tail?



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