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Re: [RC] LD vs 50--Let's ruffle some feathers - Truman Prevatt

Actually in human track, the guys running the shorter distances would love to have the guys running the marathons drop back - they'd eat them alive:-).

Actually why does it make a difference if I wanted to do a 50 this weekend and two weeks from now what to go run a fast LD for training to get the horse in shape for a 100?  It doesn't and that's the great thng about the sport.


Bob Morris wrote:
You state<<<Perhaps we should say that once you are a 50 miler, both you and your horse stay in 50's or at least 50 milers cannot drop back to LD and change the competitive level of the LD. It is like the professional who returns to the amateur ranks for the Olympics.  Of course the 50 milers could have the same arguments about the FEI 100 milers competing in the 50's.  What is more likely than barring movement between the divisions is that we are going to have to consider some type of handicapping system, at least for BC, if not for placings, in the different divisions.>>>
Because we as humans often anthropomorphize,  let us compare the two distances to the human Marathon. If the case as you state it was valid, then any one who ran a full marathon could not drop back and do a half marathon or even a 10k . Is this really your intent? I believe that the feeling of being discriminated against as a LD rider is personal and only occurs if you allow it to be of concern.

RE: [RC] LD vs 50--Let's ruffle some feathers, Bob Morris