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Re: [RC] LD vs 50--Let's ruffle some feathers - SandyDSA

YIKES! this would be couterproductive, I would think, in that people being what they are :), I believ there would be too many weekend warrior types who would opt to go right ahead and do a 50, even though perhaps their horse, who had to sit our a month of conditioning due to...heat, rain, whatever......is not quite up to it. IN the same way, people like me who have a chronic health issue would then be by necessity unable to ride much of the time, because arthritis rears its ugly head at just the WORST times. The fall-out from this practically speaking is that it would very realistically eliminate a lot fo paying riders from the rides. It could and likely would also increase the number of horse being treated for being underconditioned for the ride of that day. Ultimately, many of us are so attached to endurance BECAUSe of the minimal regulation, and to see this change simply because people are, well, too stupid or arrogant to manage themselves, would be a horrible shame. Certainly, we seriously have to be wise and quick in our responses to those people who continue to harm their horses or threaten other riders by their poor management and lack of skill. But to punish everyone else - kind of defeats the very purpose.
are a 50 miler, both you and your
> horse
> stay in 50's or at least 50 milers cannot drop back to LD and change
> the
> competitive level of the LD.