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Re: [RC] what's the point... - Truman Prevatt

However, some activities induce more stress than others. From my running days I will tell you that distance does add stress. A sprinter has much less metabolic stress associated with his event than the miler. At one time or another I have competitively run just about every even from 100 meters to 5 K and they are different on the amount of stress they impart to the metabolic integerty of the body. The higher the distance the more stress.

I sure don't remember barfing my guts out after a 100 or 200 or even an 800 or mile. But I sure remember it after the two marathons I did (for fun (?) ) - that's why I only did two.

What you see when you look at the data base over the past several years is that the pull rate in a 100 is 2.5 to 3 times higher than that in shorter endurance distances. What you will also see is that pulls in 100's will tend to be a higher precentage from metabolic (especially the last two seasons -'01 and '02) than in the shorter distances. Distance does take its toll.

I've been to a lot of trail rides, benefit for this and that. And I've never seen one out of 7 horses lined up at IV's even before the ride was finished. I have at in endurance rides. This need not scare us, it should energize toward working toward doing all we can to help the horses better participate in the sport by trying to mitigate these stress factors.


Sisu West Ranch wrote:

You will get no argument from me that going to an endurance event produces a
stress on a horse.  Going to a trail ride does the same. Packing in the
wilderness stress horses.  Herding cattle stresses horses etc.


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