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Re: [RC] what's the point... - Truman Prevatt

Howard Bramhall wrote:

I didn't disagree with him at the time, I wasn't really able to talk much at all that night, but, I respectfully do disagree with what he said.  The ride had everything to do with what happened and, the only person responsible for it all was me.  I'm not sure why he said what he did to me, quite frankly, I think he was just trying to help me make it through the night.  Many of our ride vets have a heart much bigger than the horses they take care of and, Todd is definitely on the top of that heap.  Unlike a lot of people who post here on Ridecamp, they are the last ones to throw stones at the riders when bad things happen.  And, God bless them for being that way.  We could all take a lesson from that book.
Trust me, when a vibrant, healthy, well conditioned horse gets into metabolic trouble at a ride, especially if it has to be put on IV or dies, it is endurance related.  To think otherwise is burying your head in the sand.  We're not a bunch of chicken little's here screaming the sky is falling when it is not.  The sky, quite frankly, isn't falling, but, to think that these deaths are purely coincidental with the fact that the horse just happened to be competing in an endurance ride at the time is about as lucid as George Bush's grammar.


PS Howard, don't get used to me defending you, and when are your damn Gators going to stop embarrassing the whole state. At this rate they are gong to lose to FSU.

[RC] what's the point..., John & Sue Greenall
Re: [RC] what's the point..., Howard Bramhall