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Re: [RC] It's not the distance... - Joe Long

On Sat, 18 Oct 2003 14:18:21 -0700, "David LeBlanc"
<dleblanc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Joe Long Said:

But all that would demonstrate is that you completed some 
slow trail rides under pace controls, it would demonstrate 
nothing about one's ability or temperament to ride real LD or 
endurance rides.

Would you want someone who couldn't manage that going any faster? Maybe,
just maybe those people would have learned a little before they moved up. 

I want people to ride their own ride, and be responsible for their own
horse.  We should give them all the information, encouragement and
even guidelines that we can, but IMO we should not be mandating speed
limits on anyone on any AERC ride.

That's one reason we put it in the Bylaws as part of the definition of
an endurance ride, so no rule to that effect could be passed.

Maybe we should do like we do for Juniors, and require that 
all rookie riders ride with an experienced sponsor?  ; ^ >

It would probably be more productive, and may be part of the Aussie system.

Uh, that was a joke.

Well, we make them pay extra.  Remember that I agree that 
providing guidelines and advice to new riders is a good thing 
to do ... it's mandatory controls I object to.

Those vet checks really get in the way, huh? 8-P

Ah yes, ye olde straw man.  ; ^ >


Joe Long


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Re: [RC] It's not the distance..., Joe Long
RE: [RC] It's not the distance..., David LeBlanc