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[RC] [Guest] Thank you Sue - Ridecamp Moderator

Lynda Townsend townsend.buggies.sleighs@xxxxxxx
Thank you Sue. I believe that you have hit the nail on the head.
We need more vet checks for the good of the horse.
Today our rides are getting tougher, and faster. I'm sure if we look
back at the times over the years, they are certainly faster. 4 hours for 50s,
9 hours for 100's. Blazzing...
I rode the Vermont ride, and assumed that there would be 3 holds, it
was a very tough ride. Here in Canada we have 3 holds on a 50.
>From now on, I will ask the ride manager, how many holds they have,
and if there are not 3 on a 50, I will not go. And, I'm going to try to
encourage all our Canadian riders to do the same.
If the horses are travelling shorter distances between holds, I think that
the vets have a much better chance at catching horses before they run
into life and death situations. And I'm sure that you will not hear the
vets complain if they have to look at the horses one extra time, rather
then have to treat them, in an almost no hope situation.
We were only a few yards away from the horse in Vermont, it came in,
they pulled her saddle, poured water on her, and she just layed down
and died, gone, in less then 20 minutes. It is something that will stay with me for
the rest of my life. I can't get the picture out of my mind. I cried for the horse,
and for her owner. I think probably everyone at that ride is still in shock.
(I realize too, that this horse could have had a problem, and the same thing
could have happened to her at home, in her own pasture, doing nothing.)
Our horses are big, and bold, but very fragile.
At the PANAM's after the 21 mile loop, they pulled 16 horses at that vet check,
that was almost 1/2 the horses that were pulled on the whole ride.
We can not keep asking for more and more from our horses, unless we are
willing to give. Lets put our horses needs first.
Can we not at least give it a try, and see if it makes a difference. 3 holds
on a 50,(shorter miles between holds) and 6 or 7 on a 100. What do we have to loose?


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