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Re: [RC] Howard...what's your point? - Truman Prevatt

Sue I think you hit the heart of the matter. I heard one vet down hear say he doesn't worry much about LD since if you go for 25 miles you normally have a check about half way through and then you are finished at 25 miles. He went on that you can set a horse up to fail in 25 miles but if you stop at 25 miles they normally won't fail but if you go on they will.

The same seems to be true for long loops, many times by the time you catch them it's too late.


John & Sue Greenall wrote:

I am always glad to read what Howard writes because the man does not mince words. But...I think, Howard, is that you have missed the obvious. It is not the newbie riders who are losing horses! The one lost in Vermont last weekend was very tragic and when I step back and take a look, it is the sport at fault. Calm down, I love endurance and I think everyone is trying for the same goal, the interest of the sport...but the fact remains that we need to be protected from ourselves..and that goes for the horse too. The only way I can see that happening is to have more holds. More holds means more rest time for the horse, more opportunities for the vets to evaluate the horse and less time on the trail to get into trouble before it's caught. Loops of 20+ miles are simply too long. The Pan Ams had three loops - 20-20-21 miles. The Vermont ride had the first two loops - 18-21 miles. The horse gets into a deficit but is willing to go on despite itself. By the time the horse or rider recognizes that there is trouble, it can be too late. No vet can be expected to pull a horse out of metabolic trouble every time and I feel sorry for those vets that do everything in their power but cannot save a horse.


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[RC] Howard...what's your point?, John & Sue Greenall