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RE: [RC] trail riding help - Karen Williams

Campground?  So you are taking this horse camping?  How many days in a row are you trail riding him?  I've raised and trained several horses from weanlings.  During their 3rd year I do 15-20 minutes of ring work 2-3 times a week.  Youngsters have a pretty short attention span.  We mostly work on turning, stopping, backing, learning leg aids -- no trotting -- no cantering until they've mastered everything at a walk.  Once or twice a month I'll trailer out with a friend who has an older trail horse and we do an easy ride for 1-2 hours (mostly walk, some trot, occasional short canter -- usually up a hill where he can't buck too easily).  We pick easy trails -- no rocks, no steep hills, no multi-day riding.  This is just to experience being trailered and new sights.  I want him to enjoy the experience!  (Coming home with a sore back and puffy legs doesn't sound like much fun.)   I also always use a western saddle, which distributes the weight much better over the horse's back.
I think you need to step back and give this guy a chance to mature a bit.

 Karen Williams
Spotsylvania, VA

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 Doesn't seem like we go out on the trails for very long.  Considering most of the trails are really short ones around the camping area.  Next time I will time them thou.  I'm wondering too if it could have more to do with the terrian.  He doesn't have any problems with our long walks down to the dam and back about a mile or so from the house.  We normally ride the roadside, so it's fairly level.  No ups or downs like on some of the trails.  I have no problem "laying" him off to grow some more.  He will be getting a rest anyways with winter coming on.  As much as I love to ride in winter, my body doesn't any more lol. 
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