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[RC] GPS Accuracy - Rides 2 Far

the linear distance will be 
pretty close to your actual distance. Within hundreths of a mile. > Not
tenths, not miles. Hundredths of a mile.

So, you're saying that going up and down huge powerlines, the GPS would
measure the distance down into the ravine, then straight up the other
side, not the distance directly across? I've got my doubts on that. When
I go to a mountainout ride and know my horse is winding around up and
down hills at between 7 and 10 mph. and it takes me 3 hrs. to go "18"
miles something is wrong.  

Our ride's course has been measured by surveyor's wheel. We donated money
to the WMA to buy trail markers & mileage markers. They used a GPS and
their mileage markers are off according to our measurments. It made the
trail shorter. Kinda embarassing at your ride talk to say, "ignore the
mileage markers". Sounds like management is fudging.  Kinda sad to do
that to hikers too.

Some ride managers may find it simpler to use the Forest Service's
measurements to lay out their trail but I highly recommend they measure
it with a mountain bike or *something*. There's rides that I don't go to
if I can at all avoid it because if I'm going to do 65 miles, I want
credit for 65, not 50.

Hey Stagg...how long do you think that Gold Rush was the year you won it
with Drubin?  What was your win time there compared to your time at
say...OD?  Anybody remember the story of the wrong size tires on the golf
cart whose odometer measured that Florida 100 miler that time...wasn't it
closer to 120?  NOT fun when you're out there.  If you're a ride manager
and your win time is significantly different than other comparable
trails...PLEASE check your measurement.


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