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Re: [RC] best turnout blanket for arabians? - AprJhn

Hi, I can just tell you what works for me. I have a ~14.1 Arabian gelding. Short backed. Medium chest and medium butt (for his size anyway). I got him a 69" Weatherbeeta 1220 TB with a high neck. You might want something a bit heavier than that model. But, what I like is the "high neck" part. The blanket is a bit big for him. Would have been better off with a smaller size, but I didn't know that at the time. I thought 69" would fit him. But with the high neck, it eliminates the sliding back behind the withers like you're describing (unless the blanket is just huge). It's also got a "no rub" lining. Not sure about that since he doesn't wear it for extended periods, but I've not seen a rub on him so far. Here's a picture of it. http://special.equisearch.com/bigsale/weatherbeeta.htm The model I got is the exact middle picture (2nd picture in the 2nd row).

Tanna's only worn his 2-3 days in a row. We're in Nashville, so usually the only time I blanket him is when he's wet and it's below 40 (usually he's shivering and I blanket to prevent that). It's about 18 degrees out right now and he's not wearing his blanket because he's dry. I've used his blanket several times this season already. I'm quite happy with it so far. No idea how many seasons it will hold up, but he does run and play and roll in it and so far, it's just dirty. I got it in November or so for about $120 (after our 10% sales tax) from my local co-op.

SLT has a very nice comparable blanket that I really like, too. But it doesn't have the high neck, and they start at 72". The 72" is a perfect fit for my 15+ hand Arab gelding, but too big for my little boy. :) I looked on the website, but didn't see the model I have. They look like they're clearing out some of their blankets, so they might be out of them for the season.

My limited experiences.

Nashville, TN (TN, right? Not Michigan...sure feels more like MI!!!!)

Becky and Dennis Prunty wrote:

Does anyone have some good advice on fitting blankets for Arabians? I have two blankets both are the same size 74 one an old Simco that is about three inches too small and a Big D that is too big in the chest but fits his body well. It slides back behind his withers and is making a nasty sore there. I need a medium weight blanket for the Midwest weather in Central Illinois. He is pretty good with blankets but has never worn one for longer than a few days. Thanks for any help on the subject! He is about 14.2 and fairly short backed.

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[RC] best turnout blanket for arabians?, Becky and Dennis Prunty