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[RC] question regarding sick horses - Kathie Ford

Hi all, quick question again.  This time regarding horse health.
I have two friends whose horses recently came down sick suddenly.  One is a 22 yo. BLM mustang my friend has had most of his life, the other is a cute little shetland that is only 8 yo. 
Both horses have similar symptoms:  totally off feed, lethargic, blood panels take look normal so far.  They both look terrible, but have a "will" to pull thru.  One has a fever bouncing between 101 and 103.  AFter some Meds both bounce back slightly then get bad again.  Both have different vets, but both vets very perplexed.  Even though these horses are off their feed, they are otherwise not acting colicky.  Just off their feed.
Its a mystery but very upsetting to my friends.  They do not live close to each other.
Has anyone (vets on RC included) seen something like this?  They don't know what to do next...
any info or advice would be appreciated.
thanks, kathie
ps..both horses tested negative for WNV so far...

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