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Re: [RC] [RC] time for riding - Kelli Kirchner

I also like many people have a full time 40-hour per week job. I get 2 weeks of vacation per year and usually take most of it in 1 day increments on Friday's so I am able to attend as many rides as I can.
I live in OH and the weather has been pretty cold the past few weeks. I have done some light arena riding, but haven't really been outside much because the ground is just too hard for my barefoot horse right now (probably won't put shoes on for another month or more to save some $$$). What I have been doing with my horse to start getting him back into shape (I plan on doing my first ride the end of March) is swimming him. There is a stardarbred race farm about 25 minutes from where I board where they have a pool to swim horses. My horse gets dropped off on a Wed and I pick him up on a Fri or Sat so he get's 3-4 days of swimming in a week. I went and watched him swim the first time I took him as he had never done it before and he did great. The pool room along with the pool are both heated so it is perfect for the winter time. I'm hoping in a few more weeks I will be able to get outside and do some riding, but for the meantime the swimming should help get him started. I think I remember the owner saying 4 minutes of swimming is equivalent to 5 miles on the trail.


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