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Re: [RC] [RC] 100 Milers - first timers - FancyNite

In a message dated 01/22/2003 10:11:22 AM Central Standard Time, finishis2win@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

At Spook Run this year, two people did what was, I believe, their first 100.
Before we left Sunday morning, I made sure I gave them my congratulations.
Heck if I know if they were even coherent at that point. Deb DeWolf looked
ashen, but happy. (I think the "ashen" part was a result of all the help
from her friends Kelli and Jinnifer during the ride. >eg<) Sue Keith looked
tired and happy. It was late August when I (almost) literally ran into Deb
and Kelli on a training ride and Deb was stoked about doing a 100. Both Deb
and Sue looked like they thought the experience was worth it.


Thank you for letting me get those goosebumps again!  That story is mostly right on.. Except for Kelli... That brat slept most of the time... (I lost her around the fire. Hey, she tried like heck.. Kelli just isn't a night owl) lol
I felt committed to making sure Debbie made it through her 1st 100, after all it was MY fault she was doing it.  I had pumped her up for a year!  See, there was supposed to be 6 of us doing it and well, this and that happened and Debbie was the only one with "b@*#!" enough to stay with the plan.  So I told her I WOULD BE THERE for her  and I was there until 4:30 am when I finally tucked her and Bucky in bed.  There was a few times she asked me to cut my hair and stuff my bra, cuz she was done. rofl  Of course I knew she wasn't and just kept pumping her up..... oh and of course the "Magic Potion"..... :0)

Oh and someone mentioned (here on ride camp) there isn't anyone there at the finish ever hooping and hollering... Well, that person needs to ride with us!  lol  The camp hates for us to be up LATE!

Hopefully we'll get more folks doing 100s this year.  I still haven't told Savage my plan though... better he not know yet.

Cheers everyone!