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[RC] [RC] 100 Milers - first timers - Deanna German

Angie wrote:
On Ridecamp everyone loves to talk about how 25's get slighted...but they
should try doing the 100. Most of the food, awards & celebrations go on
while you're still out on the trail. Then everyone goes to bed and you're
still out on the trail.

That is SO true. But I'll tell you what, the BEST and most dedicated people
I've met at a ridecamp were the ones involved in the 100 mile rides. The
horses are absolutely amazing. I love to see them happily trot back out
after mile 75 and especially at mile 90. If you don't believe it, stay up
and see for yourself.

The next morning when you get your award most are
gone. But it's worth it. I have several friends who I have *full* confidence
could do a 100...but they don't think so.

At Spook Run this year, two people did what was, I believe, their first 100.
Before we left Sunday morning, I made sure I gave them my congratulations.
Heck if I know if they were even coherent at that point. Deb DeWolf looked
ashen, but happy. (I think the "ashen" part was a result of all the help
from her friends Kelli and Jinnifer during the ride. >eg<) Sue Keith looked
tired and happy. It was late August when I (almost) literally ran into Deb
and Kelli on a training ride and Deb was stoked about doing a 100. Both Deb
and Sue looked like they thought the experience was worth it.

I don't the name of the rider who made Spook Run her first 100 in 2001. I do
remember her at mile 90 when she was placed into the saddle and sent off
with a flake a hay in her left arm -- she was a little out of it (fatigue!),
but the horse looked great! She was fine when I saw her the next morning and
looked very happy.

What great accomplishments!

Where are some other rides that are good for a "first 100"? Maybe if we talk
about good places to do a "first 100" it might get some people stoked about
doing it. (Not me, I'm getting in gear for a first 50!)


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