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[RC] 100 miles - Monte Mitts

Riding 100's has to be a personal thing. You're friends will mostly all be in bed when you leave, and gone home or back to bed before you get finished. No one to whoop & holler at the finish. But for horse & rider, it is quite an accomplishment. I have completed the 100 32 times, all on 2 horses. I can remember 6 pulls. I have 7600 miles. My first (endurance)horse I retired in 1996 to raise babies. She's good at that too. She did the 100 23 times & her completion percentage was 98.5 according to the records. Her first pull was after 80 rides. I'm now riding our stallion who is just short of 5000 & has completed the 100 22 times. Some with my wife riding. It takes a different horse than you usually see winning 50 mile rides. The ones I find to do the best are the ones who start grazing & grabbing bites at the trot early in the ride. A steady pace at about 7 mph works the best for me and my horses. My horses seem to do better after the first 50 miles. They recover faster. Many times I've checked my horses at 70 miles with the heart monitor while trotting and find their heart rate from 85-90 when it was running 125-130 at the same speed in the first 50. Some of this has to do with the heat of the day. My last vet check is almost always the best. They'll be in the 40's when the vet checks them, with 40/38 CRI.
By the way, I'm 63 and sometimes have to sleep on trail to finish. I've only run out of time once.
Monte Mitts

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