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Re: [RC] 100 miles - Truman Prevatt

Dot Wiggins wrote:
I'm not sure how to encourage them to move up to 50s, but that is a next step.
While many of us will never try for the International events, I think the exposure will encourage interest in 100s, and we need to support them.
Riders can't get into the "big time" without some experience in local rides, and that should help entries at 100 mile rides.  
There seems to be more entries in 100s in this area, NW, since the Pan Am is going to be here.
Will be interesting to see if interest continues while the AERC Championships are in decent hauling distance.
When I looked at the numbers for the years of '96 through '01, what was seen that the interest in 100  was impacted in the east because of the Pan Ams being in Vermont. But even so, it was still a statistically significant downward trend. In 2002 fewer people even still were doing them. The 100 is contracting nationwide and in every region no matter how you measure it.
I don't think 100s will go away soon.   I know there are riders who will take up the challenge.
The real issue is not a hand full of riders but the ride managers.  I've talked to more than one ride manager that has gotten tired ( and dropped the 100 ) or is getting tired (and going to drop a 100) of staying up all night for 10 people.

The issue is the number of people using 100's to punch FEI tickets cannot support the number of 100 milers we have today. They might survive but they might survive as only a few large rides. If the day of the "backyard" 100 mile ride is lost then the average Joe's that used to come out along with the "pros" won't be there any longer.  In 1996 we had 10 one day 100 mile rides in the SE region. Next year we will probably have 6 and that's pretty much the national trend.


[RC] 100 miles, Dot Wiggins