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Re: [RC] 100 Mile Mentors Club - Tiffany D'Virgilio

on 1/21/03 7:44 PM, Laura Hayes at mark@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Well, I have had nine different people just today who are interested in
being mentored into their first 100.....and no other experienced 100 milers
have signed on to the Ridecamp 100 Mile Mentors Club....so, um, who else is
willing to escort a new 100 miler into this sport??

Now that would be great! I did my first 50 last September-it was my first
ride ever. (I took years of conditioning to get there, as I was having
babies and nursing and couldn't ever get to a ride. ) I rode by myself all
day except for the last leg where I had on and off company. It was scary
just jumping in. The thought of a mentor just sounds like a fantastic idea.

The thought of doing a 100 miler by yourself with no mentor is daunting.
That alone would give me pause. My goal is definitely to do a 100 and
multidays. The things holding me back?

1. Lack of experience-it doesn't sound half as scary with a mentor though.

2. My two toddlers-I'm not willing to give up a lot of weekends and be away
for two straight nights. With 50's I can get home the same night, as I am
only doing rides close to home.

3. Lack of time-Again the kids, but my husband also. He is a professional
musician, he tours and works lots of nights. He wouldn't be able to go to
the ride with me and bring the family for two nights.

4. My body. I'm just not ready for a 100 yet. I hurt like hell after that
last 50. I have to be in better shape and be able to recover faster before I
step up. I did embark on a diet and fitness program, so either way that is a
good thing. I'm not really heavy, but man it would be nice to be really fit
and lean for this stuff. They don't call it endurance for nothing!

5. My horse. I want to see her remain sound, happy and perky after a couple
seasons of 50s. I don't do this as a living. That horse is a member of my
family,  and I'd no sooner hurt her or make her miserable than I would my
own child. I think she is going to make a gem of an endurance horse, but I
prefer to wait and make sure it is the best thing for her instead of asking
too much, too soon.

I plan on trying a 100 in two years of she and I remain happy and healthy. I
really hope someone will be around to mentor me. I'm so thrilled to be in
this sport-it's the ultimate privilege to do something you love with a
creature as incredible as a horse.  I got my AERC number today and have two
races in the next 6 weeks. It sure doesn't take long for the addiction to
get full blown. 


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] 100 Mile Mentors Club, Laura Hayes