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[RC] 100 Milers - Rides 2 Far

What kept me from doing 100's for so long wasn't fear for myself. I just
couldn't imagine asking my horse to do that. I just knew that he'd hate
me. I used to want to try a 100 using 2 different horses just to see if
*I* could finish without making one horse do 100 miles. 

When I finally tried it I was shocked. My horse never looked surprised to
be going back out, and he never hesitated. Even though his first 100 had
ever check in camp and he was standing tied to his picketline unsaddled
for 30 min. at the 90 mile mark. When I started getting on, he headed for
the outgate before I was in that saddle.  I've tried to talk more people
into 100's. 

I've never done a multi-day and really have no urge to. One of the
coolest things about 100's for me is after dark. I don't want to just do
2 identical rides, morning till afternoon, one of them after the soreness
has set in. :-)

On Ridecamp everyone loves to talk about how 25's get slighted...but they
should try doing the 100. Most of the food, awards & celebrations go on
while you're still out on the trail. Then everyone goes to bed and you're
still out on the trail. The next morning when you get your award most are
gone. But it's worth it.  My goal is to do 10 100's on Kaboot. If I ever
reach that I'll set another goal.  They are expensive and it's hard to
shell out $150 entry fee when you know you could get knocked out at 7 or
8 vet checks and lose it all... but that's sort of the beauty of it. They
scare me to death.  

I have several friends who I have *full* confidence could do a 100...but
they don't think so.  I've spoken several times about my first Arab who
was slow. His optimum speed was 7mph and anything over that and he
wobbled like a car out of balance. He was not a motivated horse. He
winged in front, he rope walked. His rear end traveled over to the side
and he was a rotten hill horse. The junior I sold him to completed the
Biltmore 100 on him finishing around midnight in his one and only 100,
and he was just fine. 100's are definately doable.

Anybody noticed AERC gives top 10 jackets in every region for 25 milers,
but not 100s?


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