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Re: [RC] Riding Cavalry - Deanna German


By your email, I can see that you likely won't be entering the FEI part of
the ride nor likely be doing any international competition soon. Is that
fair to say, or am I being presumptuous? So keep on enjoying your rides as
you do with a helping hand here and there. I wasn't intending to be critical
of that nor indicate that riding cavalry was in some way more virtuous.

HOWEVER, cavalry riding on the FEI and international level would neatly
address some of the issues that have cropped up (crew vehicles running
beside the horses and "jockeys") and level the playing field. Think about
it. I'd bet on the cavalry smarts of the U.S. candidates for the WEC against
whomever the rest of the world has. It would also make endurance riding as
an Olympic sport a lot more appealing to some of us.

Because, as you say:
... if I ever had the horse who could "go for it", I have no doubt that I
would be recruiting the best crew I could find.

Why? Because the best crew will help your horse win. If the glory all went
to the horse, I'd have no problem with that. But at the FEI and
international level, it seems the glory goes to the rider. Since the glory
goes to the rider, it seems to me that the rider should be allowed to
demonstrate supreme horse knowledge and horse management ability at that
level. I'd cheer loudly for anyone from any country who did a 100 cavalry
style. Wow! And to win an all-cavalry style event? Wouldn't that just be the

I have helped crew for friends and having a knowledgeable crew can make a
huge difference in how efficiently and even safely (this especially applies
for the truly competitive horse and rider teams) a ride can be run.

Efficiency leads to competitive advantage which leads to winning. See above.
Safety is relative. Crewing didn't prevent Val Kananvy's contending horse
from getting kicked in the 1999 WEC.

That's one of the beauties of this sport. There's room for varying styles
and proclivities, each with it's own attractions.

Agreed! I say something to this effect again and again when I try to explain
the difference between CTR and endurance to interested riders. Endurance has
its own "vibe" that is very freeing whereas CTR is very choreographed and
restrictive. Even if both events are held concurrently, there is a different
vibe associated with endurance. I love the free wheeling endurance style
even though my horse is probably better suited to CTR. I love the "vibe" so
much that the highlights on my ride schedule this year are endurance rides.
I'll be the one finishing in the mid to back of the pack gratefully
accepting and asking for help! For me, cavalry-style means CTR!


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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


Re: [RC] Riding Cavalry, superpat