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Re: [RC] Pleasure? Endurance? - Bonnie Davis

Hummm,  I'll agree with Dot on the first -- but not completely on the second comment. 
I don't think every time you "move even one step, it is training for the horse and/or yourself".  Personally, I think that is the problem with a lot of horses -- they are constantly being trained.  The horse and rider don't just go for a ride for the 'fun of it'. 
I board in a public stable -- about 125 horses there.  There are some horses that are constantly being 'trained' but the  owners aren't sure what they are 'training' for.  One day its dressage, one day trail riding, one day cutting, one day western pleasure.  The owner doesn't know what HE WANTS TO DO WITH THE HORSE.  I firmly believe that horses have problems because the owner doesn't know what THEY want to do with the horse.  There are very few horses that can do everything -- the super horse.  
If one wants to endurance, you buy an endurance horse.  If you want to jump, you buy a jumper.  Dressage, a dressage horse.  One can cross-train but I don't think everytime Sig or Bud and I leave the barn -- we're training.  But then maybe that's why when I get to a trail intersection we stop.  Neither of us are sure which way to go so I usually just let the horse go one way or I decide to stop after a few feet, we turn back and go the other way.  Indecision can be a lot of fun -- and one sees a lot of country.
So ride your horse -- but don't constantly train your horse.  Let the horse be a horse.  Because if the horse is 'trained' back at the barn -- he can be a horse you'll enjoy riding and just be 'one' with.
Bonnie Davis
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Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 9:06 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Pleasure? Endurance?

Right on!
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Sent: Sunday, January 19, 2003 5:53 PM
Subject: [RC] Pleasure? Endurance?

Every time you get on your horse it should be a pleasure.
Each time you move even one step, it is training for the horse and/or yourself.
Any ride out of the yard is conditioning of some kind.
All distances are a pleasure, training, and conditioning,  and endurance is in the "eye" of the participant.
Sometimes the fun just lasts a lot longer. 
 If it's not fun, maybe you're not doing it right, what ever the distance,  just keep riding till it gets fun.

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