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Re: [RC] Neoprene Girth - Steven Proe

Hi Drin: The way I view this potential problem is that I never ride with a cinch that tight. This way the horse has room to expand its lungs and not be pinched or constricted. This method also allows air to circulate and cool. Humm. Yes I have used both and neoprene, mohair and leather ect. it was not a problem and was easily cleaned on the trail, vet stops and home.
Steven Proe
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Sent: Monday, January 20, 2003 7:27 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Neoprene Girth

Kathy wrote
"Which brings me to =
another question:  the demo has a neoprene girth.  I've done a few short =
(2-3hr rides) with it, and don't see any sign of trouble.  But a 50 is a =
different ball game, and I've always used mohair.  I'm concerned about =
more heat building up with the neoprene, I don't see how it could breath =
as well.  So any neoprene fans out there, please re-assure me!"
I have tried the neoprene from 4 different makers including orthoflex and
professional choice and they all scalded both horses once I started
putting some serious miles on them . The mohair works great with one horse
but on my mare she acts like it is made out of barb wire when cinching her
up so I am considering going to a fleece or a felt lined girth . Anybody have
any suggestions ? Interesting note is that I put the neoprene girths on our
dude string saddles and found that they would also scald some of our
thicker skinned horses at times .
                               Drin Becker
                               Mtn Region

Re: [RC] Neoprene Girth, Drin Becker