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Re: [RC] 100 mile rides/humbled - Truman Prevatt


Right now I am not sure my horse is a good candidate for 100 miles. He's a heck of a good sound 50 mile horse. He can do several days in a row and he can probably go on forever at 50's but in the bottom of my heart I am not sure he would make a good 100 mile horse. In that case it's not fair to push it. When the filly gets to about 8 or 9 (she'll be four soon and her mother did 100's just fine), I'll see what she is made of but till then I'm content to do 50's.

And yes time constraints are always an issue. But in my case when I was doing 100's I was traveling a lot and was spending a lot of time in England but still found time to train and ride. So I think it gets right down to the desire to do it and the horse that can.


Cowgirgoof@xxxxxxx wrote:

In a message dated 1/20/03 9:35:26 AM Eastern Standard Time, tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< The question to ask yourself is why. Some claim it is multiday rides. However, while that may be a contributor to the decline in 100 mile rides, there has been no significant growth in multiday rides in the east. In fact there are very few (Shore to Shore, Ft. Valley and for a >>
Not to take this as any kind of slight, (because I respect the heck out of you), but maybe you can be the first to answer your own question for us. I haven't seen you on a 100 in a long while...
We have seen the same decline in the 3-day CTR 100's, and we ask the same question.
If I had to answer that question for myself, I think in this fast paced world it has more to do with being too busy than anything else. We are all caught up in jobs, family, (which we should!), being online, and generally just running around like crazy. I think people either don't have time or the inclination for the commitment these days. It takes ALOT of effort to get ready for a 100, and most people just want to enjoy a quick weekend of socializing , riding and getting out of there in two days. As for me, I personally aspire to ride 100's, but what with managing three events a season in Florida, starting a young horse and trying to condition the older one, (plus a full time job and a husband), I don't see it happening anytime soon. (although I did find the time to ride the VA 3-day CTR 100 last year!)
Does anyone out there agree with me that this may be the main reasoning behind the decline of 100's???

Becky Siler in Florida

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Re: [RC] 100 mile rides/humbled, Cowgirgoof