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Re: [RC] humbled - Truman Prevatt

The issue is how to revive the interest in 100 milers. Over the last 6 or so years the you see very few new faces doing 100 mile rides. In the early 90's there were always new people "trying their hand" at the 100. At that time it was the ultimate challenge to which people responded. If you look at the numbers in endurance riding since 1996, you find that there has been a small sustained growth in the 50 mile distance, a larger sustained growth in the 25 mile distance and sustained contraction in the 100 mile distance. If you talk to riders today that have been in the sport for only a few years, you will find very few that have any desire at all to do a 100.

The question to ask yourself is why. Some claim it is multiday rides. However, while that may be a contributor to the decline in 100 mile rides, there has been no significant growth in multiday rides in the east. In fact there are very few (Shore to Shore, Ft. Valley and for a two year period the Big South Fork) three or more day rides in the East. So multiday rides are not the only culprit.

If we riders want to keep the 100 mile ride from becoming extinct or becoming "FEI only" events for aspiring FEI riders to punch their mileage tickets, then we need to figure out exactly why their appeal has tarnished and push our AERC directors to take measures to revive this format. If new blood is not forthcoming in the 100 mile distance, it will die along with a bit of our history.


Cindy Collins wrote:

Please forgive any arrogance displayed by my admiration of Tom Sites'
quote.  I do realize that we all will come to a day when we can no longer
ride any distance due to physical limitations.  My enjoyment of the quote
had more to do with my love of 100 milers as the classic distance and my
dismay that so few new "endurance" riders aspire to that distance.  The
people who responded paid their dues long ago and have nothing but my
respect.  And, as usual, my friend, Frank, made me realize how inept I can
sound and how elegant he is!  Wish I had said THAT, too, Frank.  Cindy

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Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


[RC] humbled, Cindy Collins