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Fwd: [RC] FIRE! - FASTGraphic

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This is Ginger.  If I had thought of the possibility that our house would 
burn down (this stuff only happens on the news, right?), I would have kept 
things precious to us in different places.  Imagine this, in order. This is 
how much time we had.  I threw on a robe, shoved the children out of their 
bed, grabbed one of our three cats that happened to be at my feet, literally 
kicked the dog down the hall toward the front door (just a warning, the 
animals won't want to leave) and, in passing, grabbed my wallet and cell 
phone with my other free hand (cat in one, money and communication in the 
other!) and ran out the front door!  The cat scratched me, jumped from my 
arms and ran back in the house.  I shoved our children and our dog into the 
car.  I then realized that I needed the keys to the car to move it out of the 
path of destruction so, unfortunately, I had to run back in to get the keys 
which happened to be kept right next to the front door.   I'm telling you 
this because you can't even imagine what will happen or what you will need in 
a situation like that until you go through it.  My advice to everyone 
concerned about specific items that are truly valuable to them is to either 
keep them in a fire resistant safe/container or store them somewhere other 
than your house.  Trust me, the last thing you should be thinking about is 
trying to save those items rather than saving yourself.   I realized that 
when both myself and Scott ran back in to the house to retrieve things like 
keys to your car and his computer which stores all of his writings.  I was 
able to get the keys, he was not able to get the computer.  Also, I realized 
that little things like always hanging your car keys next to your front door 
and keeping a cordless phone or cell phone by the front door really made a 
difference.  We didn't mean to do it that way but luckily these items were 
all there for us to grab when we truly needed them!  You can bet that I will 
be setting the house up a little bit differently when we get back in to it!  
Thank you for your thoughts!

On a lighter note, our hotel room is being cleaned for us on a daily basis 
and I am sitting here eating room service while I type this!  LOL

Ginger, Scott and our fabulous family of 16 (not including our dog's unborn 
puppies)   :-)  

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