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[RC] Torsion vs Bob M Sport Saddle : stirrup position and neoprene girths - Mike & Kathy Kelly

I am about to order a Torsion saddle.  I've had a demo for a few weeks, and really like it.  I've been very comfortable with my SS the past few years, but its just too long for my horse and I have tried everything to stop the loin rubbing with no success.  I can tell Gabriel likes the Torsion, he doesn't fidget around while I'm saddling like he does with the SS.  The Torsion is a full 6 in shorter than the SS, and doesn't even touch where he's had loin rubbing.
Anyway, here is my question - I'm hoping someone out there has experience with both types of saddles.  My SS had the stirrups moved back 1.25in from standard, and I've felt very comfy with them that way.  I'm trying to decide whether I need to get them moved back on the Torsion also.  When I post it seems like they are a bit further in front of me than they should be, but I feel good at a walk or sitting trot.
I'm going to use the demo Torsion for a 50 next weekend (Land of the Sun) so that should help give me a better idea.  Which brings me to another question:  the demo has a neoprene girth.  I've done a few short (2-3hr rides) with it, and don't see any sign of trouble.  But a 50 is a different ball game, and I've always used mohair.  I'm concerned about more heat building up with the neoprene, I don't see how it could breath as well.  So any neoprene fans out there, please re-assure me!
Thanks as always,
Kathy Kelly
Parks AZ