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Re: [RC] [RC] Now, saddle fit for rider's bottom? - Laurie Durgin

We were taught to drop our stirrups to learn to get a 'balance' seat in our dressage lessons and to help you stretch down. I don't have that problem in my english saddle , nor my aussie, can't remember about my western.. I do it when I do ring work (well ok, not on the 'greenie' yet)
Now balance on Rascal's wide barrel back bareback is a little more difficult.I keep sliding forward to his neck, so mayber it is a width/twist thing.

From: Wrecksduke@xxxxxxx
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC]   Now, saddle fit for rider's bottom?
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 19:16:08 EDT

As we were walking back from a ride last night. I decided to take my feet
out of the stirrups (as they were tingling/cramping), I let me legs dangle. I
noticed that my thighs were getting quite a workout trying to keep me in a
balanced position. I never noticed this before. The balanced position seemed to
be much different from where the saddle "put" me.

So that got me to wondering if my saddle was level, if the "twist?" of the
saddle was right for my bottom, if you should even feel balanced when sitting
without legs in the stirrups (seems like you should be).

If I'm working to stay balanced without stirrups, what the heck am I doing to
my horse's back when I put my feet in the stirrups and try to ride balanced?


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