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[RC] [Guest] Howard and War Cry - Ridecamp Moderator

Laurie Underwood jimmy@xxxxxxxxxxx

All life is a risk. I could leave my horse in the pasture and allow her to only be a lesson horse for 5-year olds, but she is much happier on the trail, and particularly at a ride. I also think keeping her in shape adds to her quality of life and her longevity.

Your horse can colic at home, at a ride, on a conditioning run, wherever. In fact, I've been told (but would like one of the vets to confirm this) that a horse colics more often than we think. We just don't see it because the horse is in the pasture and we aren't with them 24/7. On one of my many Biltmore attempts (the ride is cursed for me, I believe!), my mare completed the first loop in fine fashion. We were no where near the front, just out there enjoying the trail. Came in, she was EPDD and passed the vet check with all A's. Took her back to finish out our hold time and allow her to continue tanking up. Less than 5 minutes after receiving all A's, she quit eating, started looking at her flank and drawing up. Back to the vets, where her gut sounds were C at best. We pulled, she got a shot of banamine, and was back eating and drinking in no time at all. Coulda happened anywhere, at home or at a ride.

As odd as this may sound, I think it's a good thing to second guess yourself when things don't go according to plan. I do it all the time, particularly this year. :o) It helps to figure out as best you can why things went wrong and what you can do to prevent them next time.

Hang in there Howard. Big South Fork is a very tough trail -- in my view, it's right up there with Leatherwood. I hope well see you again on the trail.

Laurie A. Underwood


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