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RE: [RC] Howard & War Cry - Karen Williams

Gosh Howard ... why don't we just bubblewrap our horses and never leave the barn with them?  Things happen -- to horses, people, dogs, cats, every living being  -- that's life! 
I used to have an Arabian gelding I bought as a 4-month old.  Trained him myself.  I did lots of trail riding. One day I was out on a slow pleasure ride with a friend when my horse suddenly just laid down right in the middle of the trail.  Colic!  Walked him back to the trailer and rushed him to the vet.  By the time we got there all symptoms were gone.  He was fine.  He had a particularly bad colic episode in the winter a year or so later and was at the vet for two weeks with an impaction.  It took a year for him to be rideable again.  He seemed to be doing fine, but colicked again at a horse show just standing tied to the trailer.  I took him to a nearby well-respected equine facility where he was scoped, tested, prodded and pronounced fit and healthy.  A month later he was dead.  It turns out he had a birth defect -- his intestine was adhered to something (its been a long time and I've forgotten the details) and it finally tore away.  He was put down.  He was only 9.   I sold my truck and trailer and said "that's it" --- no more horses.  That lasted about 6 months -- until another horse came into my life and they have been there ever since. 
So should I have quit trail riding because my horse colicked?  Should I quit tying him to the trailer because he coliked?  Should I quit feeding him because he colicked after eating?  Do you quit driving a car if you have an accident?   
Get out there and do whatever horse sport appeals to you.  Give your horse the best care you can.  If you own horses (or any animal for that matter) at some point something is going to happen --  just deal, learn and move on.
Well, I'm going out to the barn, peel the bubble wrap off my horse and go for a ride!
 Karen Williams
Spotsylvania, VA
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 I'm not trying to scare anyone off from this sport.  Not at all.  I've analyzed this thing quite a lot and have not come up with one concrete thing that might have caused it.  But, I will say, my love for this sport is beginning to dwindle.  I am concerned that so many of ya'll are not aware that it can happen to you.  And, your horse might not be as talkative to you as mine was to me if it does.  You might not catch it until it is too late.  Take it for what it's worth.  For me, I'm seriously considering taking a very long time off away from the sport I love, but, does not seem to love me back in return.  The horse must always come first, above, even the sport of endurance!

[RC] Howard & War Cry, Howard Bramhall