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Re: [RC] [RC] New to sport too - Deanna German

I have to respond to this since my mare is one of those thin-skinned ones
who, when she has her summer coat and we're at a competition, gets a sheet
at about 70 degrees and breezy, another layer at about 60, a light-weight
winter blanket below that with breathable layers below that to about 40 and
a heavy winter blanket below that! She can't tolerate being wet, even if
it's a warm rain. When she's exerted herself -- had to carry my butt 25+
miles -- I add a layer.

I tried doing the 24/7 turnout thing and it didn't work. She's low in the
herd hierarchy and will do stupid stuff (climb things, bust through things,
allow herself to get cornered by the dominant horses) to put a roof over her
head when she wants shelter. She's out 24/7 only during the warmest part of
the summer (actually, she gets put in during the DAY then since the bugs get
so bad), otherwise stabled at night. When we come home from camping, I turn
her loose in the backyard where she grazes while I unwrap her legs, then she
makes a bee-line for her stall with or without me, seems blissfully happy to
have a roof over her head.

I don't blanket much at home -- only to keep her dry. Sometimes she stands
at the gate on rainy days waiting for me to come put her in her stall. She
seems fine even in temps below 0 F as long as she's dry. She never grows as
much coat as the rest in the barn do even thought they're all kept the same.
Some of them just don't grow much winter coat.

I betcha them Florida horses have some thin blood and think 50 degrees is
brutally cold. 24/7 turnout without blankets doesn't work for every horse. I
take what people say should be done, then I look at my horse and her
circumstances and decide whether it's right for HER.

Deanna (Ohio)


Diane wrote:
"Also since he does not get a winter coat, he gets sheet at
about  55*  and blanket at 50* and under. "

Amanda replied:
He never will get a coat if you blanket at such high
temperatures!  I field board my horse in Northern VA: no barn,
just thick evergreeen to get in under.  My vets says there is no
need to blanket until the temperature gets below 15 degrees, and
to blanket as little as possible.  IMHO, 50 degrees is way too
warm for even a sheet!  Do your horse a favor and don't oput
anything on until the temps get below freezing: he will get a


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