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Re: [RC] [RC] arrhythmias - Nancy Mitts

I guess I'm confused too. I know the dictionary definition just says "erratic heartbeat". I think of arrythmia's as an erratic heart rate "without reason," as in a person sitting in a chair and experiencing an erratic heart rythym. It's a sign of a condition that needs medical attention & treatment. I didn't think it's at all the same thing as an endurance horse coming down from a high heart rate due to exertion, to their resting level. Their heart rate comes down, then their body decides it not yet internally cooled enough, or they gets distracted by another horse coming & rev's back up a bit. That's one reason I like to use a stethescope so I know the heartrate is stablized before I ever go through P&R. But, I think that's what a P&R person would be likely to hear if they were doing courtesy checks, or a rider presented too soon. I know from helping with P&R's that it's really pretty common. Some horses hold a steady high rate then drop & stay there, others bounce from high to low & high to low before they level out, some drop on a steady slope. Now, if this bouncing up & down goes on for a long period of time, or resumes at the CRI, there's more going on. If a horse reaches steady pulse criteria in <10 min & doesn't bounce back up after that, I've never though it was much cause for concern, no matter the individuals "style" in getting there. Also providing that is what is "normal" for that horse. I think if you tell most riders their horse has an arrythmia they'll freak out.
So, people, what's normal for your horse? Our stallion Racer "bounces", but once he reaches a steady rate at criteria, it stays there or keeps dropping. If not, we know something else is going on. (Often has to pee.) My mare (his daughter) will stay around 16-17 a couple minutes (if we're even going fast enough to come in over criteria) but then when she drops it keeps going down rather quickly to 12 or so. I think Monte's Candy used to stay at a steady "high" until she started to drop & then kept dropping.

Nancy Mitts

From: Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Now what PR person is going to catch an arrthythmia? If they got directly to the vet he would catch it what maybe a minute later.

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