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[RC] Pull Codes - Karen

At 08:35 AM 9/22/2003 -0700, you wrote:
None of this is black and white because of the complexity of the dynamical
systems involved. To classify all conditions into one of 5 predefined
categories requires that one ignore relevant details.  It makes for easy
database programming.

I am not a fan of the new pull codes. I think that it took what was already a mess and screwed it up even more. They want the data reporting to be meaningful, and from what I have seen this year at different rides, the pull codes are NOT being done right. It just makes the data even less meaningful than it was before the addition of the new codes. They should have fixed what they had before adding to it. I have never heard more complaints about the pull codes before this season. Just what difference does it make statistically if a rider does a RO-L pull and the horse pulled a suspensory and then needs 6 months off versus one that is pulled L by the vets and in an hour later is totally sound again, and has a full season without any problems. I don't get why it matters who decided if the horse was lame or not, or how lame it is. If the horse does not continue in the ride for a reason, that should be the reason. Not with RO or not. So few riders really want to continue with a compromised horse that these new codes are making everybody edgy that others will think that they did not continue because the 'vet made them'. There now appears to be some sort of stigma to having a pull code without RO in front of it, since so much emphasis has been placed on the rider knowing something was not right with their horse, the rest that get pulled without RO are a bunch of idiots or something.



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