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[RC] Rider Option - Tom Dean



It seems since the horse was treated and it is not lameness, it is Metabolic, whether ROM or M.


But, if you had cleared the blockage yourself, but still choose not to continue???????????????


For several years, I have suggested to AERC that they have a ROFTC.  Ride Option Fit to Continue.  Simply meaning, the horse was cleared by the vets to go on, but the rider wanted to pull for any number reasons, other than a rider issue.  I think there is little meaningful difference between  ROM and M, or L ROL.  The horse is lame, no matter who pulled it.  The example, I like best is, the rider starts a ride, then the weather turns bad and maybe the trail is no longer safe to that rider, and the rider chooses to pull.  That is not technically a RO, it something else.  RO where originally intended for when the rider could not go on, not for external reasons.  Another example, is when a horse doing OK, all signs are good, but the rider thinks the horse just is not on that day and wants to pull. How can you call that a M or L?  There a bunch of examples of where healthy horses might be pulled by the rider, that do not fall into that category.


Finally, I think we make it complicated. It could be this simple.


ROFTC           Rider Option Fit to Continue

L                      Lame

M                     Metabolic

DNF                Did not finish in time