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[RC] [Guest] Vitamin E/Selenium Supplements - Ridecamp Moderator

aurie A. Underwood jimmy@xxxxxxxxxxx

I have a mare which has experienced some mild cramping from time to time. The last episode occurred at a ride in May (I had blood pulled and discovered that it was a very mild tie up), and I started supplementing her with Vita-Min E & Selenium Nutritional Crumbles by Farnam. The package recommends top dressing the daily grain ration with 1/4 to 1/2 scoop (each scoop holds one oz and each 1/2 oz contains 1 mg selenium). Since I was cognizant of the dangers of overfeeding selenium, I started out feeding 1/4 scoop once a day, which works out to .5 mg selenium on a daily basis. I have not changed the amount. My horse's weight is usually between 940 and 960 pounds (we are fortunate to have scales at the rides here in the SE, so I can track her weight). She receives no grain due to carbohydrate intolerance -- she had one tie up a couple of years ago which could have been very serious, but fortunately it happened in the vet check after the first loop so we received immediate treatement -- and her brother also has had a history of tying up which seems to have been curtailed by eliminating grain. I haven't seen any more cramping since I started supplementing, but it usually occurs in the fall, just when her winter coat is starting to peek through (the episode in May surprised me) -- we're planning on doing Biltmore, so that may be the acid test. In any event, is .5 mg even worth feeding? Should I feed it twice a day instead? Thanks.

Laurie Underwood


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