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Re: [RC] Vitamin E/Sel - rackinfool

I too live in selenium deficient area. There is NOT enough selenium in a Trace Mineral Salt block, to fulfill the amounts needed.
That is why it is called TRACE. In my vast research I have found the Moorman's Quad Block has the correct amount of balanced vitamins and minerals.
I used to feed 12/12 and it is a good product, but unlike the Moorman's Quad blocks, if you free feed it, it can get hard with the weather, or dumped in in a bucket on the ground.
I split the quad blocks up and put one in each area that the horses are in. They will lick it, take small bites out of it, and use it as their bodies need the added minerals. I also now just put out a plain white salt block to keep the balances of everything.
Lack of Selenium can cause white muscle disease especially in foals. It can make the horses anemic. you can have your Vet do a CBC to determine what level your horse is at, but with living in the area you are in, it behooves you to add selenium to your horses diet. 
I love the Quad Blocks, easy, economical, and balanced. I also take one of the blocks to any event I go to.
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Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2003 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Vitamin E/Sel

Just curious... where are you guys who've been told
you need to supplement from? I'm in N. Idaho, where
apparently our soil is very low, if any, in SE
I've never had a problem with my horses but I've heard
many different recommendations for supplementing. My
vet says as long as there's a SE/salt block available
they're fine. I've always had that, then last year I
added NW horse supplement to their feed. It was pretty
expensive and since I wasn't having problems in the
first place I quit that. Now they're getting Purina
12:12 for their general vit/min.
Are some horses just affected by a SE deficiency more
than others?


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Re: [RC] Vitamin E/Sel, Brittany Davis