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Re: [RC] Question for men - Annie George

Sweetie........ Women are from Venus ..........Men are from Mars!  Annie
Anne George Saddlery   www.vtc.net/~ageorge
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, September 03, 2003 11:31 AM
Subject: [RC] Question for men

Jon Linderman said:

> Dude, I ride in tights too (oops out of the closet!) but I
keep a pair of
> Jeans, slightly baggy, in my truck to slip over my tights
at gas stations
> or truck stops.

Okay, I have a different question for men:

Does it really matter that much to you what total strangers
in a gas station think?

And if so, why??????

This question, while it may have nothing to do with
endurance riding, is not meant as a joke.

I really am curious to know how many men give a shit what
somebody at a gas station might think (to the extent that
they will bring along a pair of jeans to hide their riding

And of you men (if there really are any) who care about what
these total strangers who you are probably never going to
see again in your entire life think, what IS it that you are
worried about them thinking?

Because I gotta confess, it is totally beyond me.

Or are y'all just joking?

Orange County, Calif.


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[RC] Question for men, k s swigart