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Re: [RC] claming agents that won't test positive, know any? - Heidi Smith

>Look, we have drugs out there for the benefit of the horse, the dog, the cat and ourselves.  It's ludicrous not to use them when the need arises.  To infer that you can never ever use any drugs whatsoever because your horse is an endurance horse is taking this thing way too far.  You can use whatever legal drugs you wish, just not during a ride.
Excuse me, Howard, but no one suggested otherwise.  The point is--if your horse needs the drug, he doesn't need to go to the ride.  And "during" a ride means he no longer has it in his system at a ride.
As to the plants--hey, the AERC drug rule wasn't MY idea--although I do happen to think it is a good one.  You can tell me I've "lost it" all you want, but it might behoove you to learn a little bit about botany, and figure out which plants are flat toxic (and might KILL your horse if he eats them) and which plants DO contain pharmacologically active substances.  It isn't just for a rule that you ought to have a clue about what grows in your pastures--it is for the sake of your horse.  You betcha I pay attention to what grows in my pastures--and not just because AERC has a drug rule.  I really don't want the 50+ horses here that AREN'T going on a ride in the next few weeks to eat stuff they shouldn't, either....