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[RC] jumping to conclusions - June Scheunemann & Mike Bernsdorf

Just saw the message about "someone over riding their horse " at a ride and
just have to say....be careful about spreading rumors or jumping to
conclusions!!!  IF anything please let it be a learning experience to all
with any information that is found out about this horse.  I say this after
watching a fellow rider here in the midwest ride a very sensible ride this
past weekend ...horse recovered through out the 50 mile ride.  She finished
the ride looking good (and in 7 something hours ...so no speeding here).
The mare ended up colicking and being hauled to a local clinic.  Luckily
Berry is home now and doing just fine.  Turns out through ultra sound and a
bunch of other testing the vet at the clinic was able to report to her owner
that this is something that really didn't have to do with the ride.....the
mare has a slightly distended small intestine that just reacts when stressed
as in an endurance ride.  The owner is going to share what the vet told her
and the written info and article with us so all of us here can learn from

Several weeks ago another horse competed in one of our competitive rides (so
we know it wasn't a race)...horse finished and even took 1st place ...the
next afternoon after getting home from the ride he started having colic
symptoms but, not really colic.  Owner called her vet and horse was treated
for colic got somewhat better for a while and then back to being awful
again..Art's owner had just about made the decision to put him down...  Well
through our wonderful grapevine of friends some info was passed onto this
fellow rider about another friend's horse who had same symptoms.....and a
fellow friend who just happens to be a rider and vet called her up and on
his own ran up to treat her horse for erlichiosis  (sp?)...Art did his first
50 end. ride this past weekend and was looking great.   Now, this was
something not even related to being ridden in our sport...other than maybe
he picked it up away from home (his area is not known for ticks..which
passes this along)....Once again the friend vet (Dr. Wes Elford.....) passed
an article along to UMECRA members in our newsletter...about this tick
related sickness so we could all learn.  If we truly care about each other
(which is one reason I love this sport) let's try and help each other learn
from experiences and not be so quick to point fingers and shake heads.

the midwest version of "Chester" from Gunsmoke...except my cane is now gone
and the limp is disappearing finally.....still won't get the OK from Dr. to
get on a horse till after the midwest ride season....   :-(

Equine Enterprises
June Scheunemann
Mike Bernsdorf
10315 Hwy J
Cato, WI 54230


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